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Self Portrait 8x10 oil on board

Self portrait 

8x10 oil on board

About Kirsten Coco

Painting portraits in Houston, Texas, since 1984, Kirsten creates custom portraits in oils. Her unique style is rich in detail and jewel tone colors. Kirsten's images are works of beauty capturing the true human spirit. A custom portrait is an heirloom to be treasured by future generations, and can be created with your needs in mind.


The artist can work from photos, however it is always better to spend some time with the subject to understand their unique qualities. Kirsten will work with you to find the right size and complexity of finished piece to suit each budget.


Kirsten is a Swedish name and is pronounced "Shasten". Trained as an architect, Kirsten has always been a painter. In addition to being an artist, she trained in Counselling Psychology and began a practice in Relationship Therapy in 2012. In therapy as well as painting Kirsten focuses on what is alluring and unique about each individual. To learn more about her practice, check out her website at or click on her professional facebook page at

Member Portrait Society of America

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