Reflections of Biblical Women

Biblical women's stories are rarely brought to the fore, yet in this project are revealed in a new light.  Reflections of Biblical Women is a unique vision combining fine art with inspirational women's biblical stories told with a contemporary psychological twist. These paintings depict ancient, sensual and emotionally charged dilemmas which are real and relevant today.


A series of 16 paintings depicting some of the more unusual, poignant moments of these women's stories, this collection is a travelling art exhibit. They represent years of biblical and historical research, a product of the artist's passions.

These paintings are available for exhibitions with lectures to tell the compelling stories behind these paintings. Please feel free to contact the artist for information about her research, speaking engagements or to order any of the images in this series. 


Order a poster- $50, or a reproduction on canvas- $225 (does not include framing, stretching, or shipping)

Reflections of Biblical Women

These paintings are all available as 16x20 Giclee prints on canvas for $475 each

Price does not include stretching, framing, or shipping

Ruth and Naomi
Rachel and Bathsheba